Why you should be changing your AC air filters regularly

When you have an air conditioning unit in your home, whether it’s a larger one that is used for central air, or a window unit, it’s important for you to keep it properly maintained over time. The cost of not doing so can be extremely high, as there are many things that something small like replacing your AC air filters does for your AC unit.

Over time, the filters in your AC unit become clogged, so they need to be replaced to keep air flowing through the unit properly. If you don’t do this, then your AC unit has to work harder to pull air through the unit and keep it cool. This means that your air filter needs to use more energy, driving up your monthly energy costs. While this can be an issue, the larger issue is that as your AC unit works harder, it can be more susceptible to burn-out, which would require replacing your entire AC unit, a costly concern.

Finally, the AC filter keeps your home safe from debris that could make you or someone in your home sick, and so you should want to replace the filter simply to keep you and the people in you home healthy.

One of the reasons that many people delay replacing their air conditioning filters is because new filters can be expensive, particularly high quality EZ flow air filters. Fortunately for you, that doesn’t have to be a reason not to change your air filter. AC Filters 4 Less is a leading resource for high quality air conditioning filters at competitive prices. Learn more about us by visiting our website today at www.acfilters4less.com.


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Living in a home with an A/C unit that hasn’t had its filter changed in a long time is a hazard for a variety of reasons. First of all, you aren’t able to filter the air that comes into your home as easily, so you are running the risk of adding additional germs and debris to the air in your home. On top of that, when your filters are old, they are much less efficient. This means that your system has to work harder to push air into your home, which requires it to use far more energy, driving up your electricity bills over time. Not changing your filter regularly can also reduce the life of your system, because it has to work harder than it was meant to when it is running.

That being said, one of the primary reasons that people wait to change their filter is because of the cost of many AC air filters. This cost can be extremely high when you are buying from the manufacturer, but that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s possible to get inexpensive A/C filters that do the job, often better than the filters that you would otherwise have to spend more money on!

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Why it’s important to carefully select new AC air filters

Anyone who owns an air conditioning system knows that they need to keep it well maintained, and part of that is done by investing in new AC air filters from time to time. This is a necessary part of proper air conditioner maintenance, because the air filter has a direct link to the efficiency of the AC system. If the air filter is old, poorly made, or a poor quality generic, then it will lower the efficiency of the unit. You might not necessarily realize this right away, because your home will still be as cold as it was before, but you will definitely notice it in your electricity bill. Since air conditioning units are an extremely energy-hungry appliance, any drop in efficiency will mean a big increase in the amount of energy that you are using.

You want to be able to replace your AC filter easily and inexpensively, which means going to a store that has a good selection of brand name and generic filters, and that has good pricing as well.

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